My name is Erin. I'm a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With a background in Visual Communications and Crime, Law & Justice, I recently finished my MA in documentary photography at Ohio University. I have learned about relationships, myself, and how beautiful humans truly are. I have learned that not only am I capable of doing the things I dreamed of as a child, I am already in the throes of them. I have learned to be in the present and to see the world with compassion and purpose. 

Being homeschooled, I had the opportunity to travel throughout the school year. By the age of five, my parents had dragged me to do service work in Mexico. By the age of 11, I had traveled twice by train around the circumference of the United States. I learned that there is no conventional way of navigating life and it has instilled in me a certain amount of confidence and ambition that has only continued to grow. Advantageous or not, I have often had a reputation for being what society may label as an “over-achiever”. I was that kid in high school who, when told to make a 3-D object out of cardboard, I created a full size, lazy-boy style, upholstered chair.   

I will always remember the advice a mentor gave to me when I went to him, frustrated with my work and doubtful that it had the impact I wanted. “How did it make you feel, and how can you allow for your viewer to feel the same way?” he asked. From that point on, I have taken time to pay attention. I observe, I inhale, I breathe, I absorb my atmosphere. 

I genuinely enjoy people. I love to hear their stories, their lamentations and share their joy. I want to be an outlet for their voice. What they deem to be important and what they want the world to know.

The power of a single photograph is incalculable. It needs to be relatable, empathetic and abrasive. Pictures tell stories. Stories expose truth. Truth renders change.

I am a visual storyteller. 

Available for freelance in Pennsylvania and New England. | erinmollyclark@gmail.com